Rule number one, is that you gotta have fun.

Hello everyone, this my blog of many many many different interests! Such as anime, movies, music, etc. My name Is Kevin and I am 21, and I am an anime geek and possibly one the biggest nerds you will ever meet :3 I have an amazing boyfriend who makes my heart do the smilely emoji. In my picture I am on the right and my boyfriend is on the left! We are the sassiest yet most loveable bears evurrrrrrr. 


The thing about horror movie situations is imma do my best to help you but if we running and you fallin or we hidin and you whimperin and sobbin, that’s it! I can’t do nothing else for you! You have made the choice to be a damsel in distress and boo this ain’t Camelot I have 0 time to die

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Really thinking of getting a tattoo…. Yay or nay?