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Hello everyone, this my blog of many many many different interests! Such as anime, movies, music, etc. My name Is Kevin and I am 21, and I am an anime geek and possibly one the biggest nerds you will ever meet :3 I have an amazing boyfriend who makes my heart do the smilely emoji. In my picture I am on the right and my boyfriend is on the left! We are the sassiest yet most loveable bears evurrrrrrr. 
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Be careful what you wish for.

Wow what I never realized the colors were inverted

You’d think I would have noticed that

That’s the point. The world Coraline lives in is supposed to be boring and gray, but the people are what give it life and purpose. In the Other Mother’s world the people are plastic puppets where she pulls the strings because it presumably changes for every child she takes, but the world around them is bright and colorful for the purpose of enticing the children to stay… before they notice the inhabitants are nothing but dust.

that was deep

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Tl;dr please play or watch Little busters. I will love you forever.

If you’re not sure what a visual novel is, click here! If you do know but have no idea how to start playing, click here instead! The main game has been fully translated already, so no Japanese knowledge is necessary! And click here for some cool Little Busters blogs if you’re interested, though be careful of spoilers!

The music links!
Exotic Toybox (Kud’s theme)
Boys Don’t Cry (Kyousuke’s theme)
A World where Nothing Happened
Song for Friends (Instrumental)

Art credits:
Kyousuke/Kengo/Masato fanart in the ‘everyone is gay’ page is ‘謙吾!!!!!!!!!!!お誕生日おめでとう!!!!!!!!!' by ティリ, reposted with permission.
'Questioning the characters' heterosexuality' is by (possible spoilers through link)
Image of Sasami and Rin in the bottom right of the shipping page is by
Rin and Komari graphic in the bottom right of the graphics page from here.

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Rose’s Turn





Let’s stop HIV in New York City

  • If you are HIV-negative, PEP and PrEP can help you stay that way.
  • If you are HIV-positive, PEP and PrEP can help protect your partners.


Daily PrEP

PrEP is a daily pill that can help keep you HIV-negative as long as you take it every day.

  • Ask your doctor if PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) may be right for you.
  • Condoms give you additional protection against HIV, other sexually transmitted infections, and unintended pregnancy.


Emergency PEP

If you are HIV-negative and think you were exposed to HIV, immediately go to a clinic or emergency room and ask for PEP (Post-exposure  Prophylaxis).

  • PEP can stop HIV if started within 36 hours of exposure.
  • You continue taking PEP for 28 days.

Many insurance plans including Medicaid cover PEP and PrEP. Assistance may be available if you are uninsured. Visit NYC Health’s website to find out where to get PrEP or PEP in New York City.

This is such a giant step that barely any people know about it seems, so amazing to see progress in the treatment of HIV

I honestly thought this might be exaggeration but the CDC says that PrEP is 92% effective. Damn. Damn.

reblogging because this deserves waaaay more attention D:

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